The Shipley Corporate Center

An environmentally responsible office building study located along the southern bank of the Christina River.

Corporate Office | 100,000 SF |Wilmington, DE 

The Shipley Corporate Center is a corporate office building study situated along the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware. The building, and its adjacent park, are part of a larger masterplan for the southern portion of Wilmington aimed at expanding the commercial district of the city. The building, which is enclosed with a curtain wall system, takes advantage of natural light through the use of floor-to-ceiling glass. In an effort to take advantage of as much floor area as possible, the building was designed with long structural bays (40’), which reduce the number of required columns - thus making workplace layout easier and more efficient. Additionally, the building features a large amenity deck on its roof which overlooks the Christina River and the Wilmington skyline.


Sustainably, the Shipley Corporate Center was designed to utilize multiple passive systems in an effort to be an environmentally responsible office building. The massing of the building situates its shorter façade south, reducing the amount of direct solar gain on the glass. The curtain wall system utilizes triple-glazed low-e glass, which reduced the amount of heat transfer through the glass, thus reducing overall energy costs. Similarly, the roof was designed to be vegetated to help insulate the building and reduce contribution to the heat-island affect.