News: L2P Designs new Chickie's & Pete's Restaurant in Marlton, NJ / by L2P Company News


Philadelphia's neighborhood favorite restaurant & sports bar, Chickie's & Pete's, has opened up a new expansive location in Marlton, NJ. Designed by L2P, this will be one of their largest full-service restaurants at over 10,000 square feet. Some may know the location as the former Champs Restaurant which has since closed and received a huge face lift. The newly remodeled space features two 40-person interior bars, Private Dining, and two large format media walls overlooking all the main dining areas. The "Beer Hall" which is a new concept to the Chickie's & Pete's brand extends the restaurant and opens out onto an upper deck of dining and fire-side lounge seating and spills down into the lower patio featuring and outdoor bar. 


The exterior received more than just a fresh coat of paint. The newly built brick & timber canopy entrance gives a grand first impression of the restaurant, flanked by industrial mesh signage and decorative lighting. 

The interior blends some of the traditional Chickie's & Pete's design elements with some new materials and concepts to both elevate and compliment their brand. Touches of nautical components are met with both rustic and industrial character, all brought to life by dynamic lighting. The main Bar features reclaimed glass floats once used by fisherman to keep their fishing nets afloat. Now they cascade over the main bar as the centerpiece to an impressive timber-framed collection of TV screens for the ultimate game watching, dining experience. 

The key space that connects the indoors to the outdoor deck is the rustic, german-inspired Beer Hall. This casual bench seating zone grounded by the fire place at the center fosters a more comfortable and social atmosphere. 

The entire outdoor deck & patio zone is festively lit by suspended lighting and a wood & metal 'Crab Feature' backdrop near the fire feature. While this area offers great outdoor dining for those beautiful sunny days it really comes to life in the evening as the lights come on and the crowd rolls in. 

Design Team: Jeremy Drummond, Mike Louison, Ashley Phillips, Annemarie Casino, Matthew Ulassin 

Construction by: Kane Builders

Millwork by: Goebelwood Industries