Blog: Looking Back, How Home Has Influenced The Workplace. / by L2P Company News

DesignPhiladelphia 2017 kicks off soon, next week to be exact. As much as we wanted to participate this year, our upcoming relocation has made it a bit challenging to host an event. So, given our sentimental nature and our desire to support a great organization, we thought it would be appropriate to share some photos and a film about our event we hosted last year, ShiftingTrends.

As many may remember, last year's DesignPhilly theme was "Home."  Our designers interpreted this theme by curating an open house that focused on a recent trend in interior architecture of incorporating elements of domestic design into the workplace.

We worked closely with our partners to populate our office with various pieces of furniture and accessories that truly represent this trend. Our friends at Premier Office Solutions provided furniture, KnollTextiles and Maharam lent textiles, Donia generously provided area rugs, and Carol Rubenstein Associates curated the careful selection of artwork to tie it all together. Special thanks to our friends for a great event!

This year's DesignPhiladelphia lineup looks exciting, hope to see you around Philly next week!



A Few Photos From The Office