News: Philadelphia Magazine Settles in at The Curtis / by L2P Company News

Philadelphia Magazine has picked up their belongings and moved into their newly finished office space at Washington Square. While their former space in the Financial District of Center City Philadelphia offered them many opportunities, they are eager to settle into their new historic neighbourhood at the Curtis.


Philly Mag's second-story space overlooks the street and offers an intimate relationship with tree-lined Washington Square Park. The open office layout allows employees to enjoy both the natural light from the street-facing facade as well as the indirect exposure from the building's iconic atrium. Their new space features exposed tall ceilings, revealing the architectural history the Curtis Center has to offer including exposed brick and expansive windows. The open office also features integrated break-out spaces including the office "Living Room" where much of the informal, collaborative creativity takes place. The design of the new Philly Mag home draws inspiration from old and new, pulling aesthetic qualities of a modern, clean, office headquarters combined with the rich qualities of a well-established publishing company. 


Design Team: Jeremy Drummond, Kate High, Kaitlyn Hart, Lea DiSantis, and Mike Louison