News: From Dark to Light, L2P's design for Intech's office earns LEED Certification / by L2P Company News

As a regional leader in the construction industry, INTECH Construction, a 27,000 SF Philadelphia-based Construction Management company, felt it was their responsibility to build their new office space to LEED standards. Their existing office on Market Street was generally dark and for the most part windowless, a rather unappealing environment for any employee. The INTECH design team, consisting of INTECH senior management, L2P, and Alderson Engineering, made it their goal to radically transform INTECH’s office environment from a dark, dull office into a bright, healthy workplace. This new workplace at 3020 Market Street is flooded with daylight from large windows, which provide incredible views of Philadelphia and plenty of natural light. Standing at the window, one can see many of INTECH’s tower cranes peppered across the skyline.

The INTECH design team worked side by side for many weeks, confirming that the materials and fixtures used supported the LEED goal, while also considering the durability needs of a very busy construction office. Energy efficient lighting was an integral part of the project; for this component, INTECH’s Senior Electrical Estimator worked closely with the project team and INTECH’s subcontractors to create an efficient and cost effective lighting package.

INTECH also opted to use primarily re-furbished or existing goods to furnish the space. The design team worked closely with Premier Office Solutions to re-build and re-fresh existing stock of Knoll workstations for their office.

The INTECH project achieved LEED “Certified” Level Certification in November of 2015. Overall the entire project was truly “Built on Collaboration”!