Unlike traditional office space, Industrious offers a new typology of collaborative, multi-disciplinary workspace.

Workplace Design | 20,000 SF | Philadelphia, PA

Unlike traditional office space, coworking spaces consist of a wide range of different individuals, companies, ventures, and projects. For work-at-home professionals or small start-ups looking for an alternative working space, Industrious provides an inspiring environment for a fraction of the cost of dedicated office space.'

Industrious offices' primary goal was to create an environment that supports individual focused work while also encouraging engagement with other entrepreneurs in a comfortable setting. They focus on building a community for people to connect, learn, and grow.


The workplace offers a wide variety of private office sizes for both individuals or larger groups. Glass walls provide acoustic privacy without sacrificing transparency or reducing natural light. Common spaces are accessible and centrally located, offering a range of seating options and meeting spaces to collaborate and inspire teams, while also presenting a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The community hubs are flexible workspaces that also host both social and professional events like presentations and wine and cheese happy hours that are an essential part of the experience.

The design approach celebrates the character of the building by fully exposing the concrete structure providing a historical backdrop to a modern aesthetic. Architectural elements are infused into the vocabulary, utilizing classic materials such as raw steel, wood, stone and industrial lighting.


Photography by Industrious.