Higher Education


Education is the cornerstone of a flourishing, conscientious, and democratic society. The path up from impoverishment and ignorance has been, and always will be, through enlightenment of knowledge.  Throughout history, communities have been evaluated by the quality of their educational institutions and the citizens they produce. At L2P, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the academic community by crafting spaces, buildings, and campuses for the great institutions in our own community. We have found that architecture and campus planning are key to the success of institutions of learning.

The design of a well-crafted academic setting can evoke a sense of inclusion, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Many schools are dynamic and impermanent – students come and go, faculty shifts, and administrations change focus, however, the platform of such dynamism has always been the university’s built environment. Classrooms, lecture halls, student centers, administration buildings, faculty offices, collaboration spaces, and the campus paths and quads that tie them together, are critical to the successful crafting of citizens of excellence. L2P is comprised of such individuals, who each have their own university experiences from around the world. This intuitive knowledge combined with years of collective experience, help shape the architecture of tomorrows students.