Brandywine Realty Trust

The design of Brandywine’s new space marries strength to elegance with a focus on substantial, powerful forms rendered from exquisite natural materials.

Workplace Design | 46,000 SF | Philadelphia, PA

When powerhouse real estate investment company Brandywine Realty Trust moved their corporate headquarters from Radnor, Pennsylvania into University City, Philadelphia, they wanted a space that spoke their language. Brandywine prides itself on a “best-in-class” reputation, borne out in high-quality customer service across an impressive portfolio. Cultivation of a collaborative atmosphere and respect for their long-tenured staff drove project visioning. L2P brought this vision to life in 46,000 SF spread over two floors at FMC Tower at Cira Centre South.

Critical to Brandywine’s use of the space is a thoughtfully-cultivated visitor experience. An initial progression from shadow to light at the 17th floor elevator lobby opens the way to invite discovery. The company’s newly-redesigned logo commands attention towards reception and stands monumentally beside a sweeping view of Center City.  In the lobby, there’s  a stone-clad modernist fireplace—a legacy element from their former headquarters—evoking a sense of hearth and home.

From the lobby, a staircase of grey, Turkish marble, steel and glass descends dramatically next to two stories of curtain wall glass, high above the color and life of Cira Green into Brandywine’s central Hub downstairs.  Adjacent, a large multipurpose room creates flexible event space, an experience that expresses the faceted exterior forms of FMC Tower. State-of-the-art technology connections support mobility, group work and virtual collaboration across the globe. There are a wide variety of conference and meeting spaces, whether formal or casual for an array of functions and uses, providing environments to support new ways of collaboration.

With expansive views to all areas of the city, the open office is positioned along the perimeter of the building and has dramatic and angular ceiling gestures, providing an anchor over the worksettings defining the departmental neighborhoods.  The workplace features sit-to-stand desks for all employees, promoting health and well-being.

Welcoming, connective and engaging, the space is highlighted by lasting quality of material and of experience—a fully-branded environment showcasing Brandywine’s values.

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Photography by Jeffrey Totaro.