American Bible Society 

Arranged in a series of “neighborhoods,” the American Bible Society’s workplace is connected by collaborative areas designed to encourage people to inquire, learn and reflect on their own faith in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Corporate Headquarters | 96,000 SF | Philadelphia, PA

The American Bible Society, a 200-year-old nonprofit organization whose goal is to share the life-changing message of the bible with communities around the globe, sought a modern, tech-forward workplace that would also reflect the organization’s deeply rooted history.

The challenge was to create a modern workplace with integrated technology which also reflects the deep history of the organization and the impact of the bible. By utilizing a combination of technology, artifacts, graphic bible verses and scripture from the society’s rare collection of over 46,000 bibles, messages that reinforce the organization’s mission and core values appear throughout the space.

A grand staircase makes for an impactful visual that connects the office’s two floors while also functioning as tiered “stadium” seating, which cascades into a spacious gathering area below. Warm walnut tones meet polished white glass in a series of panels engraved with scripture that climb the wall and branch onto the ceiling to represent Revelation 22:1-2 and the “Tree of Life.”

The complexity of the finish and material palette combined with a thoughtful balance of color, pattern and texture represent the American Bible Society’s commitment to building global partnerships and engaging with diverse cultures in every corner of the world.

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Photography by Jeffrey Totaro.